Monday, November 20, 2017

Repaint the bumper vs paint protection film

There will always be the age old debate: cost of a repaint of the front bumper vs the cost to have paint protection film installed when the vehicle is new and fresh. You decide.
Damaged paint protection film
from yellow pole barrier

No damage to the paint, no respray

For those of us who would purchase a new vehicle (and do not mind some additional expense at time of vehicle purchase) and worry about paint chips, damage from sand abrasion, debris and bug damage to the painted surfaces; your only choice is install paint protection film or never drive the vehicle... for those of us who are not concerned with these damaging effects to their vehicle while driving you can do nothing now and repaint the vehicle years down the road. 

Remember it only takes one road trip to get rock chips on your bumper, hood and lights... or one parking lot rub from another vehicle or shopping cart to damage the paint. Risk vs cost....

Lets look at your repaint options:

1. Repaint the bumper "on"  the vehicle
2. Repaint the bumper "off"  the vehicle

Option 1: The bumper is chipped, rub damage and the bugs have etched the paint. Your least cost option is to repaint the bumper on the vehicle. This alternative is the choice of used car lots and folks who are looking to resell the vehicle or not looking for perfection. First off, many body shops will not warranty this type of work. The paint will not hold up as well since the prep and respray does not cover the complete part (edges, hidden painted areas under the headlights, blinkers and mating parts, etc.). This method of repaint is not recommended for those of us who are particular, want a professional repaint and want the paint to hold up for years to come. This option usually will cost less than the price of paint protection film.

Option 2: This option includes removal of the bumper, grills, marker lights etc. to be prepped, sprayed and re installed. You would pay for any clips or damaged parts during the removal process. In most cases, this option may not save any money over a professionally installed paint protection film kit with full wrapped edges.

Bumper respray

Either paint options: A repainted vehicle would make a prospective buyer weary, not knowing if the vehicle was in an accident or just repainted due to frontal stone chips and bug damage. Many owners bypass the insurance company and repaint a vehicle out of pocket so no one will know the vehicle was repainted and/or possibly damaged in a accident. This repaint would not show up on a Car Fax report... Than there is the risk of paint over spray, lack of prep leading to a poor paint application, paint buildup on edges, holograms, not mentioning the time without the vehicle.

In conclusion, should you wish to protect your vehicle at the time of purchase and not mind spending some additional funds to have your vehicle looking as good as it did when you bought it AND not have to worry about paint chips, abrasion and bug damage every time you drive then paint protection film is your most effective option.  I also recommend you Google "repaint vs clear bra", "respray vs clear bra" and read the numerous posts. Should you wish save money on the paint protection film at time of vehicle purchase, touch up paint chips and scratches as they happen and repaint is your most effective option. So there it is, the debate continues....

Clear Bra Installation

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