Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kayaks - PWC - Boat - Paddle Boards - Marine Protective Films by 3M

Following extensive testing in Europe,  Marine Protection films are now being used in increasing quantities by Marine manufacturers and their customers.  Protective Films have a huge benefit to boat owners as it can drastically cut the amount of time the boat is out of the water for essential maintenance and repairs.
Clear Bra, Paint Protection Films
Protective Film on leading edges of keel & hulls.

3M  protective films can be used along the entire waterline of the hull to stop algae and other discolouration taking place. At the end of the season, when the boat comes out of the water, the film can be simply cleaned or removed to reveal a clean hull underneath. New film can then be applied.
30 mil Protective Film
8 mil Protective film added to lower edge of this Gheenoe
Other areas on the deck can be fitted with 3M protection films.  Entrance ways or areas that might get kicked, scraped or scratched by visitors coming aboard.  If the boat is large enough to have a platform at the stern to take jet skis etc., these areas can also be protected.

Clear Bra - 8 mil Protective films
Clearshield Performance Rail Tape
We custom size and install.
Genuine 3M Rail Saver Materials

Wrapped around the edges for full protection

Smaller boats and jet skis that are towed behind a vehicle can also be protected against rubbing from the trailer etc.
Reproduced from Car Shine