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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let's Personalize your vehicles...with Paint Wraps

Vehicle Paint Wraps have been around in Europe for many years. Clients purchase a white Bimmer and want an easy color change (no paint, no over spray, no drips) without losing any vehicle value.  In fact, the value will remain high during the duration of ownership. Think about it, the original paint is completed protected - ya know "where the sun don't shine" so no paint fading, no damage from washes, no swirls and when you ready to sell the vehicle, the film can be removed.   WOW!  Add at least 3 to 5 thousand dollars to the value of your vehicle.

For those looking to add some unique bing to your ride or maybe a used vehicle needs a quick make over!.  Porsche with a carbon fiber roof, Audi with a stainless steel hood or a Ford Focus wrapped in hot pink!

We use Avery Supreme Wrap and 3M 1080 series vinyls.   Click on the link>>>>Clearshield Protection -

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2006 Lexus SC430 Clear Bra Paint Protection

06 Lexus SC430

This low mileage 2006 Lexus SC430 is in absolute immaculate condition.  This repeat Client wanted it to stay that way.  So we installed a Clear Bra using XPEL and Digital Designs (DD) Patterns.  We customized the rocker panel DD pattern for improved coverage, fully wrapped and better fitment.  Plus we bulked rear rocker panel (no kit available) behind the rear wheels. Used Avery Dennision Nano Fusion.
Removed stainless steel hood grill and headlight washers for full wrap.
Hood and fenders (inside engine bay and fender well) fully wrapped.
Headlights and fogs are also protected from sand pitting and yellowing.
Coverage on the mirrors, a-Pillars and roof section

Fenders wrapped into the fender wheel.

Hood fully wrapped and also wrapped the bumper section between the grill and headlights. The more areas wrapped the better the fitment and long term look of the clear bra.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Protecting your tablets and smart phones, cameras etc.

We protect tablets, smart phones, cameras and other electronic devices.  We use a Clearshield Cover™ premium coated 8 mil military grade urethane film.  This film is indestructible and will protect your electronic screens from scratches, rubs and can even protect against breakage under certain conditions PLUS it reduces fingerprint marks.  See more at We laser cut all our patterns in house and install them while the customer browses the store. We have most patterns for many of the popular electronic devices and we can make a pattern so the fitment is exact.

These are holiday presents for some lucky children.
These devices are getting protection for some lucky children.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Metallic Silver Vehicle Paint Wrap for this Clubman Golf Cart

We performed this work for Signs In A Flash/Sign Store & More, Stuart, Fl.
We completed a full cleaning and prep.  It really needed a bath. 

Only area we did not need to wrap was the (gloss green) basket area 
since this will get full carpeting. 

We spend some extra time to protect the wrap from wear and tear.
Oraguard 270 Paint Protection film was installed in the fender wells, seat top rub area and corners (where I am currently working) this will ensure durability.

We applied Zymol Tyre on the tires, front and side rub strips.  
Sign Store & More added logos and vinyl lettering for an awesome look. 

We work with all sign shops to support vehicle wrapping, floor and wall graphics (architectural graphics).

Let us wrap your vehicle, refrigerators, shop boxes, home appliance, or most any thing.
These are just a few of the colors we offer and we can print the colors we don't have. Go crazy!
3520 SW Armellini Ave Suite B, Palm City fl

Monday, October 24, 2011

2012 BMW 135i - Headlight and Taillight Protection ( Smoke Color)

Client wanted to add a smoke look to the front headlights and tails.  This small cosmetic change really adds tremendous style.  We offer clear, smoke, tint, yellow and blue.

Some additional benefits of Headlight protection films: 

  • Defends your headlights, blinkers and fogs from the sandblasting effects of sand, rock, salt and road debris.
  • Protect your headlights from becoming hazy and yellow. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Clear Bra - 2010 Porsche GT3

This client wanted the ultimate in paint protection.  We used 3M Paint Protection Film and XPEL premium patterns with full wrap features.  First we fully inspected the vehicle, washed, dryed and began the paint cleaning process to insure a proper bond for the paint protection film and paint.

 Full coverage hood with bikini fenders, mirrors, lights, fogs and wrapped bumper.  We wrapped into the fender wells and all other areas as required. Lights are protected by XPEL 30 mil clear film - this film will not only protect from sand abrasion and yellowing but more importantly against light breakage.

 Attention to detail is paramount.  We removed the lights, blinkers, tow hood cover and hood emblem prior to installation.  The less edges the better and cleaner look.

We removed the original rear fender protection - This area is highly prone to chipping and the OEM piece is quite small.  We added a full rocker coverage integrated into the rear fender protection and wrapped into the rear fender, door areas and front fender zones. Clear edge free design.  This option offers 80% more coverage while protecting the full rocker to the front fender.

 We also installed full rear fender wrapped rocker coverage to protect from rocks and debris flying up from the huge race tires.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Be Safe During Night Driving - Headlight Restoration

Thousands of accidents were linked to ineffective light output due to worn and cloudy headlights. Traditionally auto manufacturers have been producing cars with composite headlamp units made from either poly carbonate or acrylic materials. While these materials are great for designing today's lights, they have a tendency to deteriorate over time. Lenses become cloudy and discolored due to oxidation caused by harmful UV rays, and become pitted by rocks, road salt, debris and sand. This discoloration, pitting and cracking not only affects the appearance, but it also reduces the performance of your lights. 

With the average cost of replacement head lights and fog lamps spiraling to nearly $850, it is nice to know that there is a product available to protect your car against the perils of the open road and protect against UV Damage. Headlight films are designed to protect from all of these elements. 

In fact, it can actually help restore lights that are showing signs of wear from pitting. The adhesive helps fill in the surface defects, creating a shiny consistent surface while protecting from any further damage. 

Our protection films provide maximum durability and tested under the harshest of circumstances with amazing results. Both in the real world and in the lab, our products have proven that they will withstand a barrage of 1" diameter stones (about 1 oz.) at speeds up to 120 M.P.H. with no damage to the lens they protect. It's comforting to know your expensive headlight lenses are protected.

FY I- Over 98% of our paint protection film customers includes headlight/blinker/fog protection. We have a headlight protection kit to meet your needs.

We use a up to a 6 step commercial 3M professional headlight lens restoration system.  We go one step further and install a 3M Scotchgard protective film over the polished lens so the  customer now has full protection and will not need to continual polish the lens after a few months.. 

A recent test by a film manufacturer installed paint protection film on a set of new SUV headlights and was removed after 20 months in Florida. The film removed and the plastic surface was in perfect, like-new condition. However, where the film did not cover the surface (near the edges), there was clear evidence that the unprotected surface had already begun to deteriorate from weathering. This shows the value of the film to prevent aging of exposed plastic lens surfaces. 

In cases where the headlight surfaces are already fogged, hazed or crazed from weathering, the installation of Paint Protection Film restores the surface to extreme clarity, improving headlight brilliance and focus. It was amazing to see this phenomenon. 

Many clients have the film installed on their headlights to avoid having to buy and install new expensive headlights. Please stop by our store and inspect our sample headlight with the film applied to a portion of a weathered lens. We also offer 12mil, 17mil, 30 mil and 40 mil headlight films. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Protect your vehicles much vulnerable areas.

Door Cup Protection
Wear & Tear Packages

Wear & Tear Protection for your vehicle is basic coverage to protect your vehicle from the "When’s".  A "when" is not IF the scratch your door cup but rather "when" you scratch your door cup.  We protect your vehicle against the "When’s".  This is "when" you get a door edge chip, "when" you scratch your trunk ledge, "when" you scrap your heel on the painted door sill and "when" your nails or ring scratch the paint inside the door handle zone. Or when you load something in your pickup truck and nick the paint on the bed ledge.  Clearshield Protection your 3m authorized dealer will protect your vehicle against the "whens".  

Trunk Ledge Protection
All our trunk ledge protection is laser cut patterns specific to your vehicle.  We use 3M Paint Protection films for most applications we also offer XPEL and Nano Fusion Premium films.
Door Edge Protection

Monday, September 26, 2011

1972 Corvette - LS1 SC motor

Client's vehicle is a full restoration with latest upgrades - LS Motor with supercharger, six piston brakes, upgraded suspension and full autometer gauges and much much more.  Just immaculate! We installed Nano Fusion Paint Protection film on your rear wheel impact area to product the Jet-black rear fenders from get chipped up by the massive tires. Yep, them are some fingers prints on the door....:)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paint Wraps - Speak Wrinkle

Completed another Paint Wrap - used Avery Supreme Wrap - Metallic Silver.  Transformed this 1990 Mazda Miata - Mariner Blue with over 175,000 miles into a real show stopper.  No need to repaint your older vehicle - give it a face lift - Wrap it!  We will wrap your new vehicle to protect it and add some unique styling.  Maybe the roof or hood in Matte Black or Brushed Titanium?

We also installed Di Noc Carbon on the hood, rear deck and rear fascia and lamin-x film on all the blinkers - tint color.  We also have Di Noc installed in the interior.  Really Hot!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Smoke Tail Lights

Installed smoked taillights on this 2012 Hyundai Genesis.  

These provide an aggressive look and improves the styling of this sports coupe.

We offer clear, yellow, blue, tint and smoked headlight, fog lights, side blinkers and tail lights.  We also install 30 mil clear for protecting those expensive HID assemblies.

Clearshield Protection can also restore those unsafe yellow/cloudy headlights.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why install a Clear Bra?

July 2011 Installation of Clear Bra on bumper
3M Paint Protection w/ full wrap option. 

Clear Bra won by a knock out!  
Client's 2010 Infiniti G37 avoided a trip to the Paint Shop! 

Film Being Removed.
Film Completely Removed.
No damage at either locations.
New Clear Bra will be re-installed.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Clearshield Windshield Protection Film

Installed the new Clearshield Windshield Protection Film - 4 mil on a 1993 Mazda Miata. Protects the windshield from stone chips and sand abrasion.  More importantly it helps to protect your OEM windshield from being replaced and possibly reducing the structural integrity of the windshield/frame assembly.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DiNoc Wrap

What's really neat about the 3M Di NOC wrap material is you can cover worn, damaged or even new parts and make a great statement!  Here we covered this 1990 Miata Instrument Pod - Looks like new while adding that awesome Carbon Fiber look and feel. See more at

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How do I care for the Paint Protection Film?

Proper care and maintenance of the film will prolong the life of your Paint Protection Film. Frequent washing and waxing/sealing is recommended. Always remove bugs and sap as soon as possible as you would your painted surfaces. We recommend the use professional grade automotive soaps with lubricity additives and a premium wash mitt. Acrylic sealants – offer the best protection and durability. Apply sealant protection at least every three months. Always refer to your warranty card or care card for cleaning recommendations.  Enjoy your protected vehicle.