Monday, October 10, 2011

Clear Bra - 2010 Porsche GT3

This client wanted the ultimate in paint protection.  We used 3M Paint Protection Film and XPEL premium patterns with full wrap features.  First we fully inspected the vehicle, washed, dryed and began the paint cleaning process to insure a proper bond for the paint protection film and paint.

 Full coverage hood with bikini fenders, mirrors, lights, fogs and wrapped bumper.  We wrapped into the fender wells and all other areas as required. Lights are protected by XPEL 30 mil clear film - this film will not only protect from sand abrasion and yellowing but more importantly against light breakage.

 Attention to detail is paramount.  We removed the lights, blinkers, tow hood cover and hood emblem prior to installation.  The less edges the better and cleaner look.

We removed the original rear fender protection - This area is highly prone to chipping and the OEM piece is quite small.  We added a full rocker coverage integrated into the rear fender protection and wrapped into the rear fender, door areas and front fender zones. Clear edge free design.  This option offers 80% more coverage while protecting the full rocker to the front fender.

 We also installed full rear fender wrapped rocker coverage to protect from rocks and debris flying up from the huge race tires.