Thursday, January 5, 2012

Will my automotive insurance cover the reapplication of Paint Protection Film kit in case of an accident?

Yes, in most cases, all major automotive insurance carriers will cover removal and replacement of your Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra.  Take an active role and do not leave the removal and replacement scope up to the insurance agent/body shop.

1. Always inform your automotive insurance carriers of any modifications or add on options to your vehicle.

2. Insure to match paint protection film manufacturer with existing undamaged films.  If you have warranty card or know your film manufacturer provide this information to your estimator and insure you have local installer would supports this film.  This issue is most critical when you are matching side by side films and insuring you have installer to perform the work.

3. Insure your paint protection film removal covers damaged and possible undamaged areas. Many times the patterns used will not match existing pattern alignments points. Example: damaged right fender with film protection may not match the alignment to the undamaged hood paint protection film - in this case the hood and left fender paint protection film may need to be removed. Knowing this at the time of the estimate will save you time and aggravation.

4. Should you damage your film and are unsure if underlying paint is damaged stop by your local paint protection film installer.  You may be surprised you only need to have the film removed and re-installed or professionally reconditioned.   This will save you time and money.  (Refer to the picture below.)

We recommend letting the insurance agent or body shop know which paint protection shop you recommend for the estimate and reinstallation of the Paint Protection Film.  At Clearshield Protection we work directly with all major automotive insurance carriers and body shops to remove and re-install your Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra.  We will provide the vehicle owner or estimator with a picture of the pattern, material used and cost for re-installation.

You will usually need to wait a period of time after the paint work to allow the paint to cure prior to re-installation of the Paint Protection Film.  Verify the duration time with your body shop.  You may want the option to remove the re-installation scope of the paint protection film from the scope of the body shop scope and work directly with your local paint protection film installer.  Always use a certified installer to insure you obtain quality work and most importantly a film manufacturer warranty and installer warranty.