Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love Bug Protection - Got Paint Protection?

Love bug season in Florida is April - May and August - September.  Love bugs are a considerable nuisance to motorists. They congregate in unbelievable numbers along highways and the insects spatter on the windshields and grills of moving trucks and automobiles. The fatty tissue will cause pitting of the car's finish if it is not removed within a few days.  When the remains are left on for several days, the finish will often be permanently damaged.  

Everyday, whether you are taking a road trip, or just driving to work, you subject your car, SUV, motorcycle, bicycle and truck to the risk of damage from rocks, gravel, sand, love bug acids and other debris. The result of these everyday hazards will leave your vehicle with unsightly rock chips and pitted paint from love bugs, or broken and sand blasted headlamps and fog lamps, lowering your vehicles residual value.  Sure, rock chips can be touched up or your vehicle can repainted but your vehicle will never be the same as the original and the costs of repainting can be extreme.


As a professional certified installer for paint protection and headlight protection films I can add increased resale value to your vehicle and maintain the great looks and styling.  Paint Protection film is maintenance free, will not damage your paint and does not alter your vehicle's aerodynamics or appearance. In fact, the film is are virtually invisible!

How does it work?  Latest paint protection films are created using tough, transparent, urethane film with a durable clear top coat which will not crack; yellow, shrink or peel and most importantly, it will not damage or harm your vehicle's paint.

For those without the paint protection film, removing those nasty bug acids  is critical to the care of your paint.  We recommend carrying Meguiars #34 and a couple of micro fiber towels in your vehicle plus a good set of wiper blades and washer fluid with bug wash.  Always maintain a good coat of sealant on the paint finish, wash vehicle often and use “Safe Scrub” bug remover with Tarminator. 

We also work directly with local body shops, car dealerships, auto parts stores and race teams.  The Paint Protection film can be installed on door edge guards, under door handles, rear bumper sills, leading edges of wings and spoilers, fenders,, front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, hood, rocker panels, and wheel well openings, door sills and any other areas prone to scratching or abrasion.  We also carry a full professional and commercial line of waxes, sealants, leather & vinyl cleaners and protectants, brushes and micro fiber towels. www.automotivecandystore.com,  www.clearshieldprotection.com and www.vehiclepaintwraps.biz.