Friday, September 27, 2013

Protecting your vehicle with Paint Protection Film.

  • Hood: Rock chips show most noticeably on the front of the hood. The standard hood coverage options are 12”, 18” or 24” from the leading edge.  Custom coverage's  and full hoods are also available.
  • Fenders: This protection usually matches up with the hood coverage and protects the leading fender edges.
  • Front bumper: Forward facing painted surfaces are most likely to be damaged by flying rocks/debris.

  • Side mirrors: The mirrors catch a lot of damaging stones and insects.
  • Headlights/blinkers/fog lights: Headlights are getting to be VERY expensive to replace, so protection from a breakage, sand blasting and yellowing is a must.

  • Roof edge: The leading edge of the roof also gets hit often by high-flying debris, love bugs etc..
  • A - pillars: Sides of the windshield often get hit often by debris.
  • Trunk ledge: Have you ever scratched up your rear bumper putting luggage, golf clubs etc. into the trunk? Clear bra is the answer.
  • Door sill plates

  • Full rear bumper - urban protection
  • Full side doors - urban protection

  • Door handle inserts: Long fingernails, rings, or keys can scratch up the paint around door handles...but not with clear bra protection.

  • Door edge guards: Protection from door edge chipping

  • Tire-splash/rocker panels: The bottom section of the fenders can be damaged by your tires throwing rocks up.