Friday, May 11, 2012

2004 Mercedes E55 Headlight Restoration with 3M Scotchgard Film

When your headlight and fogs lens get yellow, pitted and damaged from the environment you want to have them restored to like new condition.  The issue arises when you remove the damaged protective coating on the lens, you open yourself to continual maintenance of polishing the lens ever few months.  This is never mentioned after you get your headlights polished by a local vendor or purchase a do-it-yourself kit. 
Headlight lens restoration
Lens polished and headlight protection film is installed.

After the six (6) step lens restoration process we install either 8 mil with 3M Scotchgard film or XPEL protective headlight lens film.  These products are the materials we use to protect new vehicle lens.  The films protect against UV damage, the adhesive fills in slight imperfections in the lens material and the add gloss and protection against pitting and road debris.   Learn more at:

2005 Mercedes AMG E55
Clearshield Protection Services, Inc.

Care and maintenance of your headlight lens is simple and easy.  We recommend XPEL Paint Protection film sealant on the headlight lens when you wash/wax your vehicle.

When we install paint protection on the front of your vehicle we also install headlight protection film to protect your new vehicle from yellowing, pitting, road debris and bugs.  The client has the full front of the vehicle protected.  Learn more at:

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