Thursday, December 7, 2017

Can I have the Paint Protection Film installed on my repainted (respray) bumper and/or hood, etc. ?

Yes, paint curing time depends on numerous factors, including the type of paint, the temperature catalyst, the temperature reducer and the type of drying method that was used. We always recommend using a professional body shop and let them know you plan to install Paint Protection Film. All repainted parts should be removed from the vehicle to allow painting the complete part and have them fully keyed and primed in accordance to OEM requirements.

Factory finishes are baked onto the surface at 350+ degrees which allows a much harder surface and better cohesion bond. Repainted surfaces can be baked only at 150 degrees to prevent damage to the vehicles components.

The minimum time we would recommend to have Paint Protection Film installed is 30 days to ensure any residual gassing out is complete alleviating the risk of bubbles forming under the film. Some body shops recommend up to 90 days for full paint cure. If a vehicle is in an environment that is cooler than 55 degrees F, the curing process essentially stops and will not resume until the temperature goes above the 55 F mark. If the paint is not fully cured, and film is applied, out gassing will occur under the film. Always confirm with your painter.

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